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How we fight Phylloxera

In keeping with our values, we are committed to continuing to recover Mallorca’s wine-growing culture. For this reason, one of the most important novelties this year in our vineyard is the grafting of local varieties, an English graft with two buds. Do you know why we do this grafting? What local varieties do we have? […]



A thousand events in April!

This April we have not stopped participating in different events, where our wine has been the main protagonist. At the beginning of the month, we had the pleasure of being present at the Barcelona Wine Week. This is an international event that brings together wineries from all over Spain to share the great variety and […]



We present the renewed image of our Blanc de Blancs 2021 and Blanc de Negres 2021.

During the month of March we have carried out the final processes to launch our youngest wines on the market: our Blanc de Negres 2021 and our Blanc de Blancs 2021. This year has been very different, as these two products, so characteristic of our range, are full of novelties. Let’s start with the bottling. […]



Pruning: renewal of the vineyard.

During these first months of the year we are carrying out an essential task for the care and cycle of our vines: pruning. With our vines resting, without leaves or fruit, in a state that seems lifeless, is when we must carry out the processes that will allow them to continue their growth and productivity.  […]



More than a winery

We have recently been featured in an article in Balears Va de Vi, specifically by Conxa Rosillo. From Can Vidalet we would like to thank her for her mention and we would like to show you a little more about the subject in question. The article is about our double function as a winery, because […]



Our 2021 in a click.

2021 has been a year that can be summed up in one word: adaptation. At Can Vidalet we have grown and learned with the enthusiasm and familiarity that characterises us. Where our aim is to innovate, focusing on local and organic products. The cycle of the vine has been present throughout the year, starting with […]



Can Vidalet in Guía Peñín 2021

Last 22nd and 23rd November we had the pleasure of attending once again the Guía Peñín Fair held in Madrid. On this occasion, the fair broke its record in terms of participation, with more than 350 wineries and more than 2,000 wines selected. The wine sector has met again in this great event where emotions, […]



Our participation in different events.

In Can Vidalet we have always defended the tradition, culture and values of our environment. For this reason we participate in the different events of Pollença, our municipality, which every day runs our vineyards and winery.  This September we have had the pleasure of being sponsors of the Mozart Festival 2021. A music festival to […]



The cycle “with” end: the grape harvest.

At Can Vidalet we have completed one of the most eagerly awaited processes of the year: the grape harvest. This expectation is well justified, as we have pampered, cared for and protected our vines in a sustainable and artisan way throughout their entire cycle. From its rest and consequent awakening, through its budding and flowering […]