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How we fight Phylloxera

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In keeping with our values, we are committed to continuing to recover Mallorca’s wine-growing culture. For this reason, one of the most important novelties this year in our vineyard is the grafting of local varieties, an English graft with two buds.

Do you know why we do this grafting? What local varieties do we have?

Read on to find out!

Phylloxera is a little bug that arrived from the United States in 1868 and almost destroyed European viticulture. This insect feeds on the leaves and roots of the vine.

This pest can be found in different forms: “gallicola”, “radicola” and “winged and sexed”.



The phylloxera did not manage to colonise the whole territory, as the “radicola” does not develop in sandy soils and thanks to this, many of the varieties could be recovered. Finally, in the place of origin, the solution to this terrible event was found through grafting.

This process consists of grafting, as the name suggests, a graft of the European vine onto an American vine that is resistant to phylloxera. We leave you a video of the process step by step:

This year we have grafted buds of the local varieties Excursac and Esperó de Gall. The grafting would not have been possible without the great work of Pep Rodríguez, a winemaker who has been recovering local varieties for years (@soca_rel_vinyovol) and the work of the germplasm bank of the UIB (@uibuniversitat) located in the house of our neighbours @canaxartell .

At Can Vidalet we are committed to the local and its authenticity, that’s why we want to recover our varieties from our land.

We are looking forward to tasting the result of these varieties.