Special mention of our Barros de Cecili Submarino 2019 in Manjaria of the Diario de Mallorca. - Can Vidalet

Special mention of our Barros de Cecili Submarino 2019 in Manjaria of the Diario de Mallorca.

Last February we had the pleasure of being named in the special monthly gastronomy edition of Diario de Mallorca: Manjaria. This space has been running for 12 years and highlights the best gastronomic proposals and products of the island of Mallorca, along with the different events where culture and tradition go hand in hand.

In our case, they specifically highlighted one of our most emblematic products of the last year: Barros de Cecili Submarino 2019. 

This is the underwater version of our wine Barros de Cecili. This wine is part of the Cecili Metelo range, created in honour of the first Roman conqueror of the island of Mallorca 123 BC. This group of wines seeks to preserve the origins of winemaking, as well as discovering new avenues and paths in this discipline.

In the case of Barros de Cecili Submarino 2019, this is a white wine, made from 100% prensal grapes, which has been fermented and macerated with its skins for 3 months. It has also spent a further 8 months without the skins in a 1,000-litre clay amphora. And finally, it has undergone an underwater maturation period of 9 months in 750 ml amphorae in the Mediterranean Sea.

We leave you the article about its presentation in case you want to know more about its origin and process.

We would like to take advantage of this space where we highlight our article in Manjaria, to congratulate the editor of this special, and recently appointed president of Vi de la Terra de Mallorca: Magdalena Mesquida. We would also like to congratulate another colleague in the sector, Conxa Rossillo, who has dedicated several articles to us in the digital newspaper Va de Vi Balears, on her appointment as vice-president.

At Can Vidalet we believe that this change, with the appointment of two exemplary women, will promote the values defended by this institution: a local and sustainable product. 

Our Barros de Cecili Submarino 2019 continues to be a product that arouses great curiosity and leaves no one indifferent. We have the last units left, if you want to try it we leave you the link to buy it:

Stay tuned for the new edition of our Barros de Cecili Submarino 2020!