The cycle "with" end: the grape harvest. - Can Vidalet

The cycle “with” end: the grape harvest.

At Can Vidalet we have completed one of the most eagerly awaited processes of the year: the grape harvest. This expectation is well justified, as we have pampered, cared for and protected our vines in a sustainable and artisan way throughout their entire cycle. From its rest and consequent awakening, through its budding and flowering and culminating in its setting and veraison. 

You can find some entries in our blog that explore the different phases that the vineyard undergoes. We invite you to follow the whole process through them. 

For the vineyard, the main factor that determines its evolution is the climate. In addition to the climate, Elisabet Fuentes, our manager and oenologist, is in charge of determining when to carry out the different processes. In this case, she is the person who gives the green light to the harvesting of our fruit.

To carry out this whole process we have had a great team, where joy and familiarity have been the protagonists. 

This year we started the harvest at the beginning of August and finished it in mid-September. Our harvest is 100% manual. We collect the grapes in boxes of 13 kilos in volume, and when the harvest is finished we put them in cold chambers for 12 hours to preserve them and bring them to the winery the following morning. 

The entrance to the winery is also manual, we have a grape selection table, from which the best bunches pass through the different machinery. 

It starts with the elevator belt, where the grapes are transferred to the destemmer. This is responsible for separating the stems from the bunches. After this tool, the grapes go to the press from where the first must is obtained. Finally, the must, depending on the wine we are going to make, is sent to one place or another.

At Can Vidalet we like to bet and claim what is ours. For this reason, over the last 5 years we have gone from 100% French grapes to 60% local grapes and 40% French grapes. Below we describe the different types of grapes found in our vineyards:

White varieties: 

Prensal, Giro Ros, Moscatel, Malvasia, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Red varieties: 

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Callet, Gorgollasa.

Each variety has its own unique characteristics and is processed in different ways to obtain the different products in our three ranges.

Finally, we would like to thank all the team that made the harvest a success. It is a pleasure for us to have such genuine and hard-working people every year. 

The cycle of the vine begins again, join us through it in the following blog entries!