Our 2021 in a click. - Can Vidalet

Our 2021 in a click.

2021 has been a year that can be summed up in one word: adaptation. At Can Vidalet we have grown and learned with the enthusiasm and familiarity that characterises us. Where our aim is to innovate, focusing on local and organic products.

The cycle of the vine has been present throughout the year, starting with its rest in winter and its awakening with rising temperatures. We follow this magical process very closely:

In the spring, we will be looking at the arvense flora and its functions in our vineyard. As it has ecological treatments, it is a great help in controlling insects and composting the soil:

And if the arvense flora sprouts, so does our fruit with the high summer temperatures. At this point we experience the setting and veraison of the vine, a delicate process that dictates our annual production:

The arrival of summer was accompanied by one of our most important novelties of the year, the release of our underwater wine Barros de Cecili 2019. This is a white wine, made from 100% premsal grapes, which has been fermented and macerated with its skins for 3 months. It has also spent a further 8 months without the skins in a 1,000-litre clay amphora. And finally, it has undergone an underwater maturation period of 9 months in 750 ml amphorae in the Mediterranean Sea.  Its presentation to the public was very well received:

After our immersion in the sea, it was time to harvest the grapes: a manual and intense work, enlivened by a family and cheerful atmosphere, here are some memories:

In addition, despite the continuing COVID-19 health crisis, we have participated in as many events as possible. For us it is essential to share our passion with you. Below we highlight some of the moments that 2021 has allowed us to experience:

We have been sponsors of the Mozart Festival 2021, a music festival to commemorate the 230th year of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s death. These concerts took place over the weekends of September.


As every year we could not miss the Fira del Vi de Pollença, our municipality:

Finally, we would like to highlight our participation in the Peñin Guide 2021 in Madrid, where we raised a lot of curiosity with our underwater wine, receiving very important visits:


From Can Vidalet we want to thank you for all the support you have given us by accompanying us and sharing a good glass of wine in the key moments of this 2021.

We want to toast with you so that 2022 will be an even better year.

We look forward to seeing you with joy, good work and lots of wine!