Our participation in different events. - Can Vidalet

Our participation in different events.

In Can Vidalet we have always defended the tradition, culture and values of our environment. For this reason we participate in the different events of Pollença, our municipality, which every day runs our vineyards and winery. 

This September we have had the pleasure of being sponsors of the Mozart Festival 2021. A music festival to commemorate the 230th year of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s death. These concerts were held throughout the weekends of September. 

In addition to being sponsors of the event, we were present with a stop where we offered a wide variety of wines to liven up the different evenings. 

Another annual event that we could not miss was the Fira del Vi de Pollença, held on October 9th and 10th. This annual event brings together many wineries from the Balearic Islands and Catalonia to show their products and enjoy an atmosphere where music and wine are the protagonists. 

This year we showed to the public a great diversity of wines, where Barros de Cecili Submarino 2019 stands out, a wine that attracts looks and a lot of curiosity, because of the unique process it has. 

We would like to thank all the team that has participated in these events, the organization for promoting the wine of our land, and all of you who came for a moment to toast with us with a glass of one of our products. Cheers!