We present the renewed image of our Blanc de Blancs 2021 and Blanc de Negres 2021. - Can Vidalet

We present the renewed image of our Blanc de Blancs 2021 and Blanc de Negres 2021.

During the month of March we have carried out the final processes to launch our youngest wines on the market: our Blanc de Negres 2021 and our Blanc de Blancs 2021. This year has been very different, as these two products, so characteristic of our range, are full of novelties.

Let’s start with the bottling. This year it has had a very different connotation than usual, as we have changed the format of our bottles. We have gone from a straighter bottle, also called Bordeaux, to one with more curves, called Burgundy. The main objective of this change has been to show elegance and clarity, two characteristics that define our wines.

We would also like to highlight another novelty in this process. This is our Blanc de Negres 2021, which has lost its capsule. This decision follows the line we mentioned in the previous point, bringing harmony and uniformity to the final design. Moreover, aesthetically, its salmon colour, coming from the black grapes that make up this white wine, gives us a very particular result.

After the bottling machine, it was the turn of our labeller. In this process the main change is our label:

The chromatic range we have chosen represents the two soils we have in our vineyard: on the one hand, we have the white of the limestone soil, the brown tones of our more clayey soils and black to show elegance and minimalism. In addition, we continue to highlight our Mallorcan farmhouse, to which we have added a vineyard, thus showing our commitment to the local.  As you can see, the most important novelty they have is their certification as vegan and organic wine. After years of betting on 100% sustainable processes and defending the natural and local we have the seal that verifies it.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Almadenea Absurdealismo for the new design, and Micer Estudio for the fantastic product photographs.

Both wines are already available on our website and in our physical shop, here are their links:

We also still have some units of our past editions, which have exclusive offers while stocks last.

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