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More than a winery

We have recently been featured in an article in Balears Va de Vi, specifically by Conxa Rosillo. From Can Vidalet we would like to thank her for her mention and we would like to show you a little more about the subject in question.

The article is about our double function as a winery, because in addition to making wine, we have our own distillery that allows us to distil our own spirits. This fact is unusual in the Balearic Islands, so we want to highlight it and let you know a little more about us and our products.

This fact responds to our philosophy, and that is that at Can Vidalet we do not want to waste anything. As we live an endless cycle in our winery, our philosophy is to reuse and reuse as much as possible during the processes we carry out.

In the case of the grape skins left over after fermentation, thanks to the alembic we can distil the alcohol in them.

Both red and white grapes are used to carry out the whole process.

To obtain our marc, the fermented mash passes through the boiler where we load the grapes, heat it and evaporate the alcohol in the mash. The gas rises through the capitel, flows through the swan neck and condenses in the cooling cavity as the temperature drops. Finally we obtain our marc!

 From this marc, depending on the grape, the alcohol it had and the ingredients with which we macerate or age it, we obtain:


Marc de Cecili

Distilled from Prensal and Merlot, its colour is crystalline, clean and bright.

The nose is full of aromas full of nuances, such as aromatic herbs, white fruit and citrus fruits, which combine with hints of roses and herbs.

In the mouth it is smooth, very fine and elegant.



Marc de Moscatel

As its name suggests, marc obtained from the Muscatel grape, aged in French oak casks.

Its colour is amber, clean and bright.

On the nose we find primary aromas from the Muscatel grape and tertiary aromas from its ageing period in French oak barrels.



Grape marc brandy obtained by distillation and maceration for several hours with citrus fruits and fresh herbs. Its colour is transparent with greenish reflections, clean and bright.

Complex nose reminiscent of fresh herbs, citrus fruits and various nuances of marc.

In the mouth it has a balanced sweetness and leaves a pleasant fresh and balsamic aftertaste.


In addition, we have our own gin, which summarises our environment with the 11 botanicals with which it is macerated, its name is clear:


 We start with a base spirit that is macerated with juniper, fresh citrus fruits, lavender, rosemary and a selection of botanicals from the Sierra de Tramontana, which is our home. After a few days of maceration, we distil in small batches. The nose is dominated by juniper, with citrus notes, orange peel, lavender and rosemary.

On the palate, the symphony of aromas unfolds between citrus, floral and earthy notes thanks to the roots of its formula. The finish is long and very pleasant.

 We encourage you all to try this range of products, the result of our product, work and good work.

We want to toast with you! Discover your favourite!