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Presentation Barros de Cecili Submarino 2019

This August, at Can Vidalet we are experiencing many emotions. In addition to the grape harvest, a key period that determines the whole of next year. We have had the pleasure of presenting to the public a different and special project: Barros de Cecili Submarino 2019. This is the underwater version of our Barros de […]

The benefits of wine.

  The most important dates of the year are just around the corner. And along with them, the meetings with our people. This year they arrive with an extraordinary feeling of nostalgia for what will be an unusual holiday. Be that as it may, we will be accompanied in one way or another by those […]

What is the ancestral method?

Through ignorance and chance, human beings throughout history have created various products that are as unique as ancestral wine. The Ancestral Method is the oldest method in terms of sparkling wines. Its origins go back to 16th century France. During winters, the bottled wines stopped fermenting due to the low temperatures, and with the beginning […]

The secrets of a successful marriage: Can Vidalet wines and Majorcan cuisine

One of life’s great pleasures is to enjoy a fantastic meal accompanied by an excellent wine. Wine pairing is the union, by similarity or contrast of flavours, of food and wine, enhancing both and achieving a balance between them, which leads to a more complete enjoyment of the culinary experience. On this occasion, we will […]

When you buy 5 bottles you get 1 for free!

Until the 13th of December we will be running a special offer. The holidays are just around the corner and so it’s time for our 5+1, when you buy 5 bottles you get 1 for free! This offer only applies to our white wines. Choose between: You can choose from two of our artisanal wines, […]

Our winery in Pollensa supports Prodis

The Prodis association is a non-profit organization, located in Pollensa, which since 1992 has been working to improve the quality of life of those with learning difficulties and disabilities, to provide a much-needed service. At our winery in Mallorca we want to tell you all about its wonderful work. Their mission is to promote the […]

Our wines in Mallorca affected by the severity of climate change

Article from the Diario de Mallorca from the 14th of September of 2019 At our winery in Pollensa we want to communicate the damage that climate change may cause to the production of our wines in Mallorca. As the Diario de Mallorca states, all the winemakers on the island have warned of a drop in […]

Lack of rain determines the harvest in Mallorca

Article from Última Hora from the 13th of August 2019 This year the harvest in Mallorca will be starting in a more challenging way. The high temperatures in July and the scarcity of rainfall during spring and summer are extremely important factors that will determine the volume and timing of the harvest. As Última Hora […]
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