Presentation Barros de Cecili Submarino 2019 - Can Vidalet

Presentation Barros de Cecili Submarino 2019

This August, at Can Vidalet we are experiencing many emotions. In addition to the grape harvest, a key period that determines the whole of next year. We have had the pleasure of presenting to the public a different and special project: Barros de Cecili Submarino 2019.

This is the underwater version of our Barros de Cecili wine. This wine is part of the Cecili Metellus series, created in honour of the first Roman conqueror of the island of Mallorca in 123 BC. This group of wines seeks to preserve the origins of viticulture, but also to discover new paths in this line of wine.

In the case of Barros de Cecili Submarino 2019, this is a white wine, 100% prensal grape, which has been fermented and macerated with its skins for 3 months, plus 8 months without the skins inside a 1000 lt. clay amphora, plus a period of underwater maturation of 9 months in 750 ml amphorae in the Mediterranean Sea.

This project stems from the passion and curiosity of Elisabet Fuentes, manager and oenologist at Can Vidalet. Her aim has been to travel back to our origins. In this way, she has simulated the state of so many goods, in our case wine, in times gone by after a shipwreck, placed under the sea in clay amphorae, together with their consequent conservation and unique characteristics that give them that state. 

Thus, we had the honour to present it last Wednesday 11th August. At this event we were able to show our amphorae to the local press and different sommeliers. They have been created by hand, and after being submerged for 9 months, they present all kinds of marks, smells and remains that the Mediterranean Sea has given us. 

But the most important thing is that we were able to taste and try this limited edition. Barros de Cecili Submarino 2019 enters us through the eyes with a yellow and somewhat cloudy colour. 

On the nose we perceive wild aromas, mixed with sea mist. It is fresh, with hints of wild herbs from the Tramuntana, along with a high minerality, and a present aroma of underwater ripening.

In the mouth, we experience something unique, delicate and vibrant. An elegant and friendly wine that stands out for its citrus flavour with herbal hints. 

After our presentation, its appearance in different media has not been long in coming. At Can Vidalet, we are very grateful for the diffusion by the following media: 

The magazine vinassos, which has dedicated a publication to us in its news section .

The section of the digital newspaper Món:balears va de vi, where they explain in detail the whole process and the technical specifications of our Barros de Cecili Submarino 2019.

The cover in the news section of is a pleasure to count on us for it.

 Bartomeu Font, who has dedicated a column to us in the Diario de Mallorca section

And finally we would like to thank Joan Carrión including us in the section of the SER: SERFoodies chain.

We invite you to taste a little piece of our curiosity and passion, along with the Mediterranean Sea, through this emotional and special project that is for us: Barros de Cecili Submarino 2019.