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The secrets of a successful marriage: Can Vidalet wines and Majorcan cuisine

One of life’s great pleasures is to enjoy a fantastic meal accompanied by an excellent wine. Wine pairing is the union, by similarity or contrast of flavours, of food and wine, enhancing both and achieving a balance between them, which leads to a more complete enjoyment of the culinary experience. On this occasion, we will […]

The colour of Blanc de Noirs and its differences from rosé wines

One of the big questions we are often asked at Can Vidalet, is about one of the most special wines of our winery in Pollensa: Blanc de Negres. Instead of entering into a classic classification between red, white and rosé wines, we emphasize that our Blanc de Noirs (literally: white from black) is made from different varieties of “black” grapes.  The colour of […]

The origin of wine in Mallorca by Caecilius Metellus

The year 123 B.C. serves as a reference point for the decision of the Roman Senate to intervene on the Balearic Islands, at a historical moment when many changes were taking place in the Republic and a constant power struggle was taking place between the most powerful families while the empire was being sold off […]

Our winery in Pollensa, at the IV Tast de Dones

On the 5th of March we very proudly attended the IV Tast de Dones held at the Hotel Valparaíso Palace organised by Licors Moyà, which included the participation of 7 wineries from across Mallorca. Elisabeth Fuentes, owner and oenologist, represented Can Vidalet at this events fourth edition, which aimed to give a voice to successful […]

Indigenous grape varieties of Mallorca; a journey through history

It is well known that the relationship between wine and Mallorca started a long time ago, more specifically to before the 5th century BC, when there is evidence of its consumption by the Mallorcan population. With regard to the introduction of vines, a clear point of origin has been established, and it was with the […]

Our winery in Mallorca and Cookies For My Soul

During the harvest, we invited Jana to our winery in Pollensa, a German blogger who publishes under the name Cookies For My Soul, who in her blog talks about interesting topics and lifestyle content about Mallorca. We invited Jana to the winery to find out more about our wines in Mallorca and our style of […]

When you buy 5 bottles you get 1 for free!

Until the 13th of December we will be running a special offer. The holidays are just around the corner and so it’s time for our 5+1, when you buy 5 bottles you get 1 for free! This offer only applies to our white wines. Choose between: You can choose from two of our artisanal wines, […]

Our winery in Pollensa at the Fira de Tardor in Muro

Can Vidalet, our winery in Pollensa, took part in the Fira de Tardor, also known as the “Fira de sa Carabassa” (the pumpkin fair), organised by the town hall in Muro on the 2nd and 3rd of November. It is a fair which traditionally was held to buy needed utensils and equipment. This year the […]

Our wines from Mallorca in the Peñín exposé

At our winery in Pollensa we are very proud to have attended the Salón de los Mejores Vinos de España, organised by Peñín in Madrid on the 28th and 29th of October, where we had the honour of exhibiting our wines from Mallorca. The prestigious Salón de los Mejores Vinos de España, the most significant event […]

The wines of our winery in Mallorca at Nit del Vi

Can Vidalet, our winery in Mallorca, presented our wines at the Nit del Vi in Inca on the 19th of October. The event, which took place on the Gran Vía in Inca, was organised for the fourth consecutive year by Activa’t Inca Associacio Empresarial and Petit Cellers Mallorca and raised funds for the charity Sonrisa […]