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Our wines in Mallorca affected by the severity of climate change

Article from the Diario de Mallorca from the 14th of September of 2019

At our winery in Pollensa we want to communicate the damage that climate change may cause to the production of our wines in Mallorca.

As the Diario de Mallorca states, all the winemakers on the island have warned of a drop in production levels. Currently, harvest is taking place 7 to 10 days earlier than that of 20 years ago, this advance directly affects the quality of the grape and the alcohol content of the wine.

Take a look at the full article from the Diario de Mallorca for more detailed data on the effects of climate change on Mallorcan wines. If you would like to know more about the harvest, check our blog article where we explain all the details about the harvest at our winery in Mallorca.