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Our winery in Pollensa supports Prodis

The Prodis association is a non-profit organization, located in Pollensa, which since 1992 has been working to improve the quality of life of those with learning difficulties and disabilities, to provide a much-needed service. At our winery in Mallorca we want to tell you all about its wonderful work.

Their mission is to promote the creation and maintenance of services which continually improve the quality of life of those with disabilities, always improving actions to make things more effective and efficient.


The most important values for our winery in Mallorca

As an organization Prodis stands by many significant values which are of upmost importance to the association: Emotional intelligence, a person’s basic rights, competitiveness, mobility and independence.

Everyone deserves to have the same opportunities to participate in society, everyone has their own source of emotional and sentimental wealth to give. At Can Vidalet we also believe that anyone is capable of fulfilling responsibilities, no matter how big or small, anyone can contribute to improve our surroundings. And we are all capable of overcoming different obstacles.


Why did our winery in Mallorca decide to collaborate?

At Can Vidalet we support this social cause because we believe that everyone deserves a good quality of life, whether it be on a social or work based level. The Prodis association is of vital importance, as it covers the needs of people with disabilities, in different areas throughout their lives.

Their main objectives are to develop and manage programmes and services tailored to the needs of people with disabilities and their families, and because of that our vineyard in Mallorca proudly supports them.

They also develop measures and actions aimed at improving the quality and the continuity of all the services which they offer, making them complete role models in social work in the north of Mallorca.


Our vineyard in Mallorca welcomes the association with open arms

For several seasons now, our winery in Mallorca during the school period, every Tuesday and Thursday has welcomed the youngest kids from the Prodis association.

At the allotment of our winery in Pollensa we are joined by the youngest members of the association chaperoned by one of their monitors. In the allotment they cultivate throughout the year and then collect the harvest at the end of each season to then sell it to generate funds for the association. This is just one of the ways in which the association raises revenue.


Our winery in Pollensa is so thankful to be able to support this cause

We wanted to highlight this cause to all of you as we believe that a lot of the time, they can remain invisible within our society. We are so thankful, and we feel so lucky to be able to help the Prodis association.

Our philosophy is to keep the land alive by emphasising the natural elements of the soil, which is why we are so grateful that, with the land of our vineyard in Pollensa, we have the opportunity to do our part for this association.