The rain arrives in Mallorca benefiting the harvest | Can Vidalet

Finally, rain on the island has benefited the harvest for our winery in Mallorca

Article from Última Hora from the 29th of August 2019

Our winery in Mallorca would like to gladly inform you that last Tuesday we had a light period of rain on the island which not only didn’t cause damages, but which has encouraged the cleaning and maturation of the fruit in the final stage of collection.

Those in charge of the Denominations of Origin of Binissalem and Llevant are both in agreement, as published in Última Hora, they explain that “the quantity of rainfall has been very positive for the vineyards as it hasn’t fallen very hard in our area, it has cleaned the grapes but not damaged them”.

In continuation you will see, the article from Última Hora with a more in-depth explanation about the rainfall. If you would like to know more, take a look at our blog article where we explain everything about our harvest at our winery in Mallorca.