What is the ancestral method? - Can Vidalet

What is the ancestral method?

Through ignorance and chance, human beings throughout history have created various products that are as unique as ancestral wine.

The Ancestral Method is the oldest method in terms of sparkling wines. Its origins go back to 16th century France. During winters, the bottled wines stopped fermenting due to the low temperatures, and with the beginning of spring the yeasts were reactivated by consuming the sugar in the must and producing carbon dioxide in the form of pearls.

That is why it is considered a 100% natural method, also known and recognized as Pet-nat (Pétillant Naturel).

This naturalness of the product is the main difference to the Champenoise method. While the Ancestral method only carries out one fermentation in the bottle without the need to add sugar or sulfates, the Champenoise method uses two fermentations together with the necessary additives to obtain a sweet and sparkling wine.

At Can Vidalet, we are committed to a local and natural product. Following our philosophy, we produce our sparkling wines according to this method, using Mallorcan grapes: Prensal for white and Gorgollassa for rose sparkling wine.

This laborious and delicate method entails exclusivity, with limited bottles of our products: ANCESTRAL CECILI ROSADO and ANCESTRAL CECILI BLANCO.

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