Our winery in Mallorca invites Cookies For My Soul | Can Vidalet

Our winery in Mallorca and Cookies For My Soul

During the harvest, we invited Jana to our winery in Pollensa, a German blogger who publishes under the name Cookies For My Soul, who in her blog talks about interesting topics and lifestyle content about Mallorca.

We invited Jana to the winery to find out more about our wines in Mallorca and our style of working. In her blog, she highly recommends our winery and says that it is one of the most well-known wineries.

She described the terroir which the vineyard lies on and the experience of enjoying a tour with our oenologist, Elisabeth Fuentes during the harvest. She describes the harvest period, which is done by hand and the production, she continues by talking about the plots, their construction and the varieties.

She continues by explaining the fermentation and the bottling process, she mentions that everything is done in an artisanal way. Also, she talks about the most important elements of Can Vidalet, our winery in Mallorca, which is of course, positivity and passion. She also mentioned our spirits which you can find on our online store and our tastings.

We really enjoyed our visit from Cookies For My Soul and we are such fans of her work and philosophy. She has perfectly captured the essence of Can Vidalet, and we are so pleased that she enjoyed her experience. Thank you for such a wonderful review!