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The harvest: from our winery in Pollensa we will be giving you all the details

We are right in the middle of harvesting season and we want to give you the full details of how we carry out our famous collection process. All the wines at our winery in Pollensa are 100% artisanal: we produce them using traditional methods which respect the land and using scientific and technological methods. It is fundamental that we talk about our annual crop harvest, as we work so hard all year round to then be able to collect the fruit.

This is why we strongly believe that harvesting is an interesting topic and a way to create a better relationship between our clients and our products.

Harvesting is a process of collecting or picking grapes which will be used for the production of wines or spirits. The harvesting period is between the months of February and April in the southern hemisphere and between August and October in the northern hemisphere. The ideal moment to harvest depends on the degree of maturation and other scientific parameters.


What else affects the harvesting process?

Apart from reaching the desired maturation to produce our wines in Mallorca, there are other factors which determine the start of the harvest.

The first factor depends on the meteorological conditions and the production area, as the latitude increases the grapes ripen later and as the altitude increases the grapes ripen earlier. Similarly, heavy rains or droughts also affect the harvest. The second factor is determined by the type of grape, black grape vineyards generally ripen after those of white grapes.

Finally, depending on each type of wine, the greater or lesser presence of sugars and acids is determined. The greater the amount of sugar, the greater the degree of alcohol, the amount of sugar determines the alcoholic fermentation. On the other hand, acidic substances prevent the proliferation of bacteria.


Factors which we have to think about at our winery in Mallorca

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account in order for the grapes to be harvested in the best possible way. At Can Vidalet we are very meticulous when harvesting as we want to make the most of the product and ensure that all the hard work invested during the months of cultivation at our winery in Mallorca, obtains the best result.

It is advisable to harvest at night, this way in low temperatures we avoid the possibility of the grapes fermenting due to the high temperatures of the day. At the time of harvesting the grapes must dry and the time between harvesting and arrival at the winery must be as short as possible.

All these details are supervised by our oenologist, Elisabeth Fuentes, who strongly supports an organic way of working: without using pesticides or fertilizers to protect the environment and human health.

On the other hand, there are two methods of harvesting, manual and mechanical. We opt for the manual method by choosing the bunches selectively. Working with the land allows us to obtain higher quality results.


We are so thankful for our team and the land which surrounds our vineyard in Pollensa

We wanted to share with you our dedication during this time period for the grape harvest because we love to work with what we enjoy most and we have the lucky opportunity of being in the paradise that is Mallorca.

Our philosophy is to keep the land alive by emphasizing the naturalness of the soil, so we are very grateful for the land on our vineyard in Pollensa. Of course, all this hard work is only possible thanks to the incredible Can Vidalet team and we are very grateful to have them.