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The wine influencer

Like all of us, wine has its own influences. In his case, one of the most influences when it comes to developing and concluding with certain characteristics is the soil.

The soil is where the vine grows, develops and rests. For this reason, its particularities affect and are present in the wine in all its facets: taste, smell, character, etc.

The composition of the soil can range from a higher permeability (clayey/sandy) to a drier and more calorific soil (stony / granitic), reaching more unique soils such as volcanic or calcareous soils.

The typology of pavements is very wide, as it can be made of a single material or a combination of them. The different types and combinations produce a greater contribution of one mineral or another, a higher or lower temperature, a higher or lower drainage….

All these parameters evoke in our final product “memories” of all the minerals that are part of the soil. It is about minerality, together with all the conditions that develop due to the type of soil,

leading to a unique character of the wine.

Having all these cards on the table, the type of soil we have or choose, along with the grape variety we want to plant on the vine, is the key.

At Can Vidalet, we have a calcareous-clay soil.

Calcareous rock is one of the most predominant minerals in Mallorca. This material is capable of storing heat during the day and transmitting it to the vines at night.

Moreover, as it is a poor material, it exempts the vines from deepening their roots, thus providing humidity. We can affirm that this type of rock is a regulating material for our vines.

A wine in our range influenced by this type of soil is Ses Pedres.

Because of their high permeability, clay soils retain nutrients and water in an optimal way. This fact leads to the aforementioned minerality, together with the elegance and finesse present in

in the wine.

Two of our best-known wines are influenced by this type of soil: So del Xiprer and Terra Fusca.

The combination of both materials results in a final balance and diversity in our offer. Find all our wines in the following link: