Barros de Cecili 2018


General Description:

White wine made 100% from Prensal Blanc, a grape native to Mallorca.


Fermented and macerated with its skins for 3 months plus 8 months without the skins inside a 1000 lt clay amphora, plus a further 9 months inside the 750 ml bottle before release. Unfiltered wine made with the minimum of intervention.


Appearance: Pale yellow colour with light green reflections, slightly cloudy.

Nose: Fruity aromas such as loquat and pear, white flowers such as almond or orange blossom, wild herbs from the Tramuntana region such as olive, fennel or marigold, wild wheat and raw oats together with delicate mineral notes from our calcareous soil, fossils and the hint of the maritime terroir that characterises us.

Taste: Delicate, fresh and lively. Elegant, fruity taste with herbal nuances. A very versatile wine that can be drunk at any time of the day. It goes well with fish dishes such as grilled red mullet, red mackerel, breaded skate or even sophisticated venison dishes such as lamb with figs.

Grape: 100 % Prensal Blanc

Alc 12,5 %

Minimum Qty: 6