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Porsche visits our winery in Pollensa


At times complete opposites do attract. What do cars have to do with grapes? Everything and nothing at the same time. Our friends at Porsche, the prestigious automotive group, published a report about exploring the island of Mallorca on four wheels. At Can Vidalet, our winery in Pollensa, we had the pleasure of welcoming and sharing a moment with them. Motors and wine came together in complete perfection, and after a few weeks, they have included us in their blog, where they made a special mention about our meeting. Would you like to know what they said? We will be giving you all the information in this blog article.


The history of our winery in Pollensa through a Porsche engine

Andrea Weller, the author of the blog article, is from Germany and was stunned by the involvement of the owners at our winery in Pollensa, who originate from Hamburg. “The ten-hectare vineyard grows grapes such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot and Syrah. The guests, who are mostly German or British, get to enjoy wine tastings which offer details of the winery’s history.” they stated. In relation to the history of the winery, what stands out most is the old roman water wheel with aqueduct and its irrigation feature.


The comments made about our wines in Mallorca

Regarding our wines in Mallorca, they highlighted the underground aging process at our winery in Pollensa, and made a special mention to our oenologist, Elisabeth Fuentes Fernández, “she also deals with sparkling wine, which is produced by hand following bottled fermentation”. To finish, the writer at Porsche concluded with “another product which is very popular amongst clients is their gin “ONZE” which translates to “Eleven” which is the exact number of how many different herbs it contains.

On behalf of everyone at Can Vidalet we would like to thank the entire team at Porsche for their visit and their kindness. You are always welcome at our winery in Pollensa!

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Porsche visits our winery in Pollensa