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Our winery in Mallorca on the programme El Món del Vi on Ràdio Pollença


On the 5th of June 2019 we had the opportunity and the pleasure to be able to share our passion for the winemaking industry with El Món del Vi, a radio programme broadcasted on Ràdio Pollença who’s presenters are dedicated to investigating and promoting the world of wine on the island. Our winery in Mallorca was represented by Elisabeth Fuentes our manager, agricultural engineer, oenologist and Bet Porta who is responsible for sales and marketing. It was a true pleasure to present Barros de Cecili, our mono-varietal white made with Prensal grapes and prepared in clay pots. In continuation we will be commenting on our visit.


The history of our winery in Mallorca

Antoni Campomar, the director of the programme, presented a brief explanation about our winery in Mallorca stating that “the objective is to revive the islands wine and historical heritage” and with “10 hectares of land divided in to 10 different fincas, all with the nearby sea breeze from Puerto Pollensa and separated by restored historic stone walls”. Following a brief statement about the interesting history of our managing director and her adventure from Cádiz to Pollensa, Campomar highlighted the organic techniques used on the land of our vineyards and the certification process carried out by them.


Presentation of our wine Barros de Cecili on the radio

Following the interview, Bet Porta provided details about Barros de Cecili, highlighting its production in clay pots, following the ancient techniques used by the romans, creating a delicate aroma. She also emphasised the importance of its surroundings in which our winery in Pollensa hosts wine tastings in Mallorca, a landscape painted green by our vineyard with views of the Puig de Maria. Elisabeth Fuentes, after explaining the creation process of the wine, mentioned how our winery could be the only winery to produce wines and spirits at the same time, making a special mention to our gins and spirits.


Listen to the interview with our winery in Mallorca

After the presentation of the winery and the wine Barros de Cecili, Joan Amengual, sommelier, tasted Barros de Cecili and our Port de Cecili with the intention of offering a live analysis to the listeners. Would you like to know what he said? Listen here to the whole El Món del Vi programme.

Thank you to El Món del Vi and Ràdio Pollença!

At our winery in Mallorca we would like to thank Antoni Campomar, Joan Amengual and the whole team at El Món del Vi and Ràdio Pollença for allowing us the opportunity to present our white monovarietal wine at their facilities and for the wonderful talk which we had on the 5th of June. It was without a doubt a very memorable experience!


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