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The aging process at our winery in Mallorca


The importance of the aging controls at our winery in Mallorca

Wines are characterised by thousands of different nuances. Its aroma, freshness, sweetness or colour determine each and every one of the harvests which are carefully bottled and that serve as a gem for thousands of special occasions. The popularity of this product means that as consumers enjoy this product more and more they start to expect a result and quality which matches their tastes. Reaching the perfect combination in the elements previously mentioned depends on the scale of aging of the grape in harvest. At Can Vidalet, winery in the north of Mallorca, we want to explain what types of aging exists and why they are so important for creating a perfect wine.

The harvest: the key to a good wine

The grape harvest is the key point at which it is determined whether one of the flavours and characteristics has been reached for the desired requirements. That is why, there are aging controls to know at what point the grape is ready. Every time the grape harvest date is reached, the winegrower should analyse the grape. To carry out a sample with guaranteed and credible results around 100 to 200 grams of grape must be used. This control measures the sugar in the grape, and consequentially, the expected alcohol content of the wine. At our winery in the north of Mallorca we consider the perfect time to collect the grape harvest is at first thing in the morning or during the late afternoon.

The types of aging explained by our winery in Mallorca

Depending on the different types of wine that you are going to create, there are different types of aging in the grape. When the grape reaches its maximum weight and maximum sugar content it is categorised as industrially aged or pulp aged. This type of aging is analysed by the weight and juice of the grape. Until recently, it was the only type of aging which was analysed, but nowadays it is insufficient to determine the quality of the grape. That is why technological aging exists, which is when the grape juice produced is adapted to the wine being produced: if we only look for quality then industrial aging is chosen, if we want something else which is more fresh and aromatic, the grape harvest is carried out before its due date and on the other hand, if we want a pacified wine, we carry it out afterwards. Other specific aging is aromatic, which is carried out when the grape reaches its maximum aroma potential, or the phenolic which is ideal for making high quality wines.

Sample the selection of wines at our winery in Mallorca

With optimum tracking of the aging, a precise and correct result and analysis of the findings, our winery in the north of Mallorca Can Vidalet can offer a high quality product which is adapted to each and every one of the variations of our wines. We are aware that our location allows us to offer a product which is like gold in its sector. That is why we put all of our hard work and effort in to the process of production in order to reach an optimum quality. If you would like to try the result of a specialised and carefully crafted product, don’t hesitate in contacting our online store and purchasing the wine that best suits you. For any other query, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you!