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Balears Vadevi interviews our winery in Mallorca


There are moments which are perfect for getting to know the professionals and true fans of the wine making world. One of those moments, without a doubt was the introductory meeting for our wine tasting at the Vi de Primitiu in Pollensa, where Elisabet Fuentes, the winemaker at our winery in Mallorca, presented our wine Barros de Cecili. During this exciting day, the digital team at Balears Vadevi, from, interviewed Fuentes where she gave an in depth look in to the wineries beginning in Mallorca, the team at our winery in Mallorca and the creation process of our wines and spirits. Would you like to know what questions our managing director was asked? In this article and in the Balears Vadevi article you will find all of the information.


The beginning of our winery in Mallorca

The first questions which were stated in the article clarify how our managing director first came to know about Can Vidalet. Fuentes said that she was attracted to “everything” about our winery in Mallorca and that “it is located in an idyllic setting”, she concludes. In addition, it is mentioned that since 1996 the land has been German owned and that there is a very diverse team working hard day after day to make the wines. “I believe that diversity is the key. My small yet great team is made up of 6 people, 3 men and 3 women all from different backgrounds: both native and from overseas. As for the grapes, when I arrived there were only foreign varieties planted and I strongly support autochthonous varieties, so I decided to plant Giró ros, Prensal and Callet, as they are varieties that have spent hundreds of years adapting to this climate” says the winemaker.


Can Vidalet, an artisan winery in Mallorca

During the Balears Vadevi interview a special mention is made to the “old fashioned” production style at Can Vidalet. Our winery in Mallorca uses technology, science, tradition and artisan working methods such as manual harvesting. Its organic production was also mentioned: “For me working organically is a philosophy, it’s keeping the land alive, emphasizing the fertility of the soil and its biological activity, not using fertilizers or synthetic pesticides to then protect the environment and human health”, says Elisabet Fuentes. “If we can upkeep the rich soil and respect the diversity of the native varieties, we can enjoy as many different types of wine as we have wonderful places on the island”, she summarizes.


Winery in Mallorca: the year of Barros de Cecili

There was also time to talk about the latest addition to the family at our winery in Mallorca: Barros de Cecili. “Born from curiosity and the search for something native and traditional”, says the managing director of Can Vidalet. “I decided to vinify this white grape as if it were a red grape, with its skin, to extract its maximum potential and take the fruit to its limit, but to work it in a very elegant way, only mixing the cap with my hands on a daily basis and at the end of the fermentation, leave parts of the skin macerating with the wine for 6 months”, she comments about her creation process. “As for the container I decided to use a clay amphora with a capacity of 1,000 litres”, she concludes.


Discover much more at our winery in Mallorca

Can Vidalet has given you a summary of their interview with Balears Vadevi, but if you would like to read it in full, you can do so here. Our winery in Mallorca has an extensive catalogue of original and artisan products with which you can discover the essence of the diversity and hard work of this island. Do you have a query? Don’t hesitate to contact us.