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The setting and ripening of the vine.

We continue to explore the cycle of the vine. And the fact is that if with the arrival of spring the sap was changed, with the arrival of summer the blossoms of our grapes begin.


Fruit set usually takes place between May and June. This process is carried out with the pollination of the flowers produced during the flowering period.

This is a very delicate stage for the vines, as their development depends to a large extent on the climate. If it rains or if temperatures fall below 15 degrees Celsius, fruit set can be seriously affected. This metamorphosis takes 15 to 20 days. If for some reason the flower seed is not fertilised, there will be no fruit.

Poor fruit set is called flower drop. This phenomenon occurs when the fruit ovaries or berries accidentally fall off and fail to develop fully.

If everything goes smoothly and the vine is able to develop correctly, fruit set moves on to the next stage: ripening.


The ripening of the grapes

The berries formed during fruit set grow gradually during the hottest months of the year.

This increase in size is due to an increase in water and sugar levels in the grape. This results in a decrease in acidity and a reduction in the thickness of the skin.

The veraison period is the ripening of the grapes. Once they have reached their size, a period of 12 to 15 days begins in which our fruit is darkened.

At the beginning, the grapes are green because they contain a lot of chlorophyll. Depending on the grape variety, red or white, they turn more purple or yellowish during the ripening period.

This chromatic metamorphosis leads to one pigment or another, depending on the compounds that define each variety. In other words, anthocyanins in reds and carotenoids in whites.

In addition to the visual change, the grape undergoes many transformations during this stage: generalized increase in sugar, woodiness (the shoots become woody), increase in tannins, etc. At the end of this period, we can say that both the grape and the seed have physiologically matured.

In addition, one of the main characteristics it provides us with is the approximation of the date of our future harvest.

In Can Vidalet, the grapes have already set. And we are currently looking forward to their development and growth. Join us in all our developments through our social networks: